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Please visit my GALLERY for fabulous fashionable handcrafted lampwork glass beads, pendants, and wire wrap jewelry.

Let me tell you about myself. I was born in Chicago and received my B.A. in American Studies there at Roosevelt University in 1977. I have lived in Southern California since 1984. I have a husband, two married children, and five very cute grandchildren. After retiring from years of teaching in the Los Angeles Public Schools, I found the time to pursue my interest in art and fashion, exploring various media until I developed a special fascination with the arts of lampworking (hot glass bead making) and jewelry design. I then perfected my skill by studying with experts in lampworking and jewelry design at various art studios in Southern California.

I teach various types of jewelry design at shows in California. This allows me to combine my passions for teaching and jewelry. See for upcoming classes.

When I make glass beads, I am inspired by the colors of my environment. I take great joy in mixing colors and coming up with new designs. My work is unique because I follow my color instincts.

I make my one of a kind lampwork glass beads and glass pendant beads by first taking a long Moretti glass rod and heating it with a gas torch (the lamp). I wind the molten glass on a metal mandrell to form a bead which is then embellished with dichroic, stringer, or glass fritte accents. The bead is then placed in a kiln and annealed slowly overnight. Slow kiln annealing produces a rock hard bright colored bead. The bead is then soaked in a special solution and cleaned to remove residue. I incorporate these glass beads and pendants, sometimes together with semi-precious stones, into hand made sterling silver, gold fill, and copper necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using the wire wrap technique. The result is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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