Handcrafted Lampwork Glass Beads, Pendants. Wirewrap, Viking Knit, and Bead Crochet Jewelry.


Beads and Jewelry, Art and Fashion

Please visit my GALLERY for fabulous fashionable handcrafted lampwork glass beads, pendants, and wire wrap jewelry.

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Ivana Loonyo wrote on June 15,2020
I still have the beads I bought from you last year. I love it. It is my favorite jewelry. If you also need deck and fence contractors, please feel free to contact us.
URL: http://castlerockdeckandfence.com/

Tony Mars wrote on January 20,2020
As an artist myself I know great art when I see it. Thanks for sharing all this great art! This just proves that reaching your dreams is more than just a coming of age fantasy adventure. It's real!
URL: http://severbronny.com/

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