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This exotic bracelet features 8 large African ambroid beads, 9 small multifacet black stone beads, 7 silver spacers, and a silver toggle clasp. African ambroid is a vintage bakelite plastic with a color and texture similar to amber which was exported to Africa in the early 20th Century where it was considered similar in value to real amber and was often included in dowries and made into jewelry. The Bakelite Company stopped making bakelite plastic for jewelry during World War II when plastic was diverted to making items for the military and never returned after that. Rose handcrafted this bracelet here in California using vintage ambroid beads from Africa. You can determine the circumference of your wrist by wrapping a string around it, marking with a pen where the wrapped part ends, and then measuring the wrapped part.
Reference: 43001

Price: $69.00

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